Fee-Based Business

The Advisory Business Model

Working for You

We are Independent, and our philosophy allows for maximum flexibility in where and how you maintain your client assets. Our platforms & tools address the challenges you face when navigating the fee-based landscape.


Your structure.
Our resources.

We leverage E-trade’s premier technology. We have created a simplified process for helping you and your clients select the appropriate money managers and model portfolios for meeting their needs.

More time for
client relationships.

Our simplified model portfolio platform lets you focus more time on client relationships and spend less time analyzing investments. Become a more efficient asset manager with our streamlined, automated workflow and premier platform technology.

Everything you need.
Nothing you don’t.

Our selection of professional money managers allows you to be flexible, giving you broad and direct access to third party managers. We have hand selected an array of tactical managers to help you protect your client assets.

Keep them
Focused on You

We understand the trust that your clients have placed in your name, so we give you the freedom to operate under your own brand. We are here for YOU.

Real. Authentic.

We place great priority in knowing our advisors and their business model intimately so that we can effectively provide you with wise advice every call. Our staff have experience as advisors themselves and are here to improve your practice and streamline the way you do business.

Transparent Approach

Sharing our Tricks of the Trade.

At Center Street Securities we’ve developed a powerfully personal, transparent approach to financial planning and wealth management. We’re proud to have been in business for over 30 years and over those years we’ve developed some of the most experienced, comprehensive and technically sophisticated capabilities in our industry.

When you become a part of Center Street, we invite you to visit and learn with us so you can replicate our success in your own practice. Since each advisor we meet with is unique, and has unique life and financial experiences with their clients in their city, they each require their own roadmap. We custom-build your individual trajectory.

Making Your
Life Easier

Our simplified risk assessment tools, electronic paperwork process, account opening process, and innovative model portfolios allow you to streamline and provide your clients with premiere asset management. Simplified model and manager selection


At CSA, we think from your perspective. We are here for the long haul, helping you keep more of your revenue and providing you with exceptional value. We have a simplified payout grid. We don’t nickel and dime you with tons of little fees here and there. We keep it simple with one monthly affiliation fee which includes your Securities E&O coverage.

Efficiency comes standard
with our built in fee billing.

All of our platforms have automated fee billing built in to eliminate the tedious task of billing clients. We do this for you.

Discounted pricing.
Our scale. Your savings.

Because of our size and scale, we are able to negotiate better pricing with many third party managers, custodians and our clearing firms. Be our guest — piggyback on our savings.

Better makes
it Bigger.

Clients can easily access and view their accounts and see detailed performance reporting without jumping through a bunch of hoops. Our simplified risk assessment tool helps you tailor portfolios to give your clients an excellent experience.

Simplified business processing with our proactive team.



Most of our corporate officers began their careers as advisors themselves. Their experiences have shaped our culture, eliminating unnecessary steps and streamlining paperwork requirements.


When you submit new business, our paperless system instantly alerts each member of our business processing team. They take a proactive approach, working with you to quickly fill in paperwork gaps and missing information, and processing all new business within one business day.


Your new business goes through several steps of error-proofing to make sure that it is processed correctly. The first time.
More than Numbers

The numbers are good. But there’s more to it than that.

Just looking at the numbers with Center Street Securities as a high-payout financial professional is enough to convince most that our way, is the way to go. But we care about a lot more than the numbers. We want to provide exceptional value to our investor/advisory relationship. As a rep centric advisory firm, we are focused on your perspective. Our own president is still an advisor himself, filling out the same paperwork and living under the same rules as you.

When he sees a process becoming too onerous, he is the first one to streamline it in order to make it easier for all of our Center Street Advisors. It’s another piece in the big picture. Our goal is to make your work easier, providing you with the absolute best in service, while still putting as much as possible back into your pocket.

Flat monthly fee

Our affiliation fee includes your security E & O coverage and fidelity bond coverage and our electronic workflow system.

Variety of Product Offerings

Selection of Product Offerings to meet your clients needs including unique tax advantage investments.

Direct deposit

Commissions are paid via electronic funds transfer (ETF) directly to your bank account.

Be the Hero In the Trenches of the Financial Industry.