Our Company

Who Are We?

For nearly 3 decades, Center Street Securities has stood at the crossroads of financial decision making, linking the investment professionals and the clients of ‘Main Street’ to the world class investments and client services you find on ‘Wall Street.’ Offering a vast array of traditional and alternative opportunities to investors of all levels, while keeping in touch with their heart for southern hospitality.

Our Story

Center Street Securities, Inc., member FINRA, SIPC is an Independent Securities Broker/ Dealer with branch offices throughout the United States. Through its registered representatives and their branch offices, Center Street is able to offer an extensive range of investment products and securities to investors. Center Street’s main office for operations is located in Tennessee with additional operations offices in Virginia and Louisiana and branch offices in over 40 states. So why the name “Center Street”? We like to think of ourselves as the figurative “road” that links “Main Street” -our investment professionals and their clients, to “Wall Street”.

In other words, we strive to bring world class investments and client service to investors of all levels, and do so with a touch of southern hospitality and “down home” common sense. The company was founded in Louisiana in 1991 to serve investors in its local area. Since then we have grown from one office with two employees, to a firm with branch offices all across America. As we have grown, we have continually added products and services to benefit our Registered Reps and their clients. As Center Street Securities enters its third decade of serving our reps and their clients, we invite you to get to know us. We think you will like what you discover at Center Street.

Meet the team

JR Thacker

President & CEO

The mastermind behind the mission of Center Street Securities, JR has alway envisioned a brokerage that not only keeps the advisor in mind, but is built completely around the advisor and their needs. JR has ran his own Financial firm, Thacker & Associates since 1998. This experience of dealing with brokerages ‘on the other side’ taught him to appreciate a ‘rep-centric culture’ and gave him the desire to build it within Center Street. He bought Center Street in 2007 and has applied his philosophy to everything Center Street does. It’s all about your success as a financial advisor, which is directly related to how successful your clients are as investors.

Micah Rayner

Chief Operating Officer

Karen Graham

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Romano

Chief Compliance Officer

Michael likes to keep it simple. He has a few life principles that really make up the core of who he is, and motivates him in his role as CCO of Compliance. He does what he says he is going to do and he means what he says. He makes it a goal to treat others the way he would want to be treated. Every day is different, and his role involves dealing with problems that come up. So it is a good thing that he has such a positive approach to life! He supervises, making sure policies and procedures are all carried out to their highest expectation, yet also looking at both sides of the problem to make sure that all involved will be satisfied. Michael is one guy you can always count on.

Billy Aycock

CCO – CSA & Due Diligence

Billy works with compliance on a variety of products both that they sign selling agreements with and those they do not. He oversees advisory business with tasks including billing, trading and record keeping. Billy holds Series 7, 66, and 24 Certifications and was the Internal Wholesaler of the Year with Jackson National Life. When he clocks out at 4, he runs home to spend time playing with his kids, eat, sleep and repeat. Billy has over 20 years of industry experience and still says that there is no one who compares to CSS when it comes to customer service, responsiveness, flexibility and the attention given to reps.

Jason Lamb

Compliance & Advertising Principal

As a Compliance Officer, Jason reviews all advertising, correspondence, rep registrations for new reps, existing CSS reps and amends changes in FINRA’s database. He also keeps registration for insurance licensing for CSS in every state, consolidates their statement reviews, answers general questions from reps, and assists the Chief Compliance Officer with his duties.

His strengths in grammar and over analyzing details comes in handy in this role. Jason strives to create an atmosphere of open communication with the reps as part of the Center Street ‘Rep-Centric’ culture. Caring for their future, and relaying that we are all part of the same team and working together towards their success.

Ty Lollis

Senior Operations

Trevor Evey


Alex Cherfan


During a typical day, you will find Alex collecting, organizing and integrating financial data into our comprehensive commissions system. His role is all about accurately and effectively distributing the revenue streams to compensate all of the active representative’s production. He records cash flow and generates all the financial reporting instruments.

He’s not your typical numbers guy sitting behind the desk though. Alex had dreams about becoming an Actor, but apparently didn’t have the looks for it. That didn’t stop him from becoming Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006 though. (We dare you to look it up.)

Eric Ross

Center Street Advisors

Kit Bulla

Compliance & Operations Associate

Morgan Stechner

Operations Associate

John Attigliato

Operations Associate

Gary Cuccia

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Lisk


Amy Widener


The evolution of Center Street Securities, Inc.



Center Street Securities originally got its start under a different name and was formed and located in New Orleans, Louisiana under the name “Elliott Financial Services”


10 Brokers

Received membership into the NASD (now FINRA) and was operated as a small independent securities broker dealer with less than 10 brokers. Continued until 2005.


Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy strikes – New Orleans, including our offices were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. In order to continue business as usual, operations were moved off site.


New Name

J.R. Thacker purchased and moved its offices to Bristol, VA. Lines of business expanded and technology improved and brokerage was renamed, “Center Street Securities.”


100 Brokers

Moved to Nashville, TN. J.R. Thacker remained as President & CEO and grew to over 100 brokers in 40 different states



A big year, Three additional subsidiaries were formed under Center Street Holdings Inc. in order to expand and grow the firm’s products and services offered to its clients.

The Catalyst for our Success

Our Core Values.
We know that true, long-term success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It’s from what you do consistently. The essence of Integrity is doing the right thing, consistently. Integrity is a common thread we can trace through all the elements of our core values.

Ethics & Integrity

The thread begins here. Do the right thing. Always.

Honor & Respect

Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s Simple.

Communication & Teamwork

Be open to ideas and share complete information.

Accountability & Candor

Keep your commitments. Live with transparency.

Purpose & Vision

Don’t move blindly. Plan for success. We have a map.

Insight & Wisdom

Use experience to evolve and discern for the future.

Ethics & Integrity

Communication & Teamwork

Insight & Wisdom

Honor & Respect

Accountability & Candor

Purpose & Vision

So why the name, “Center Street?

We like to think of ourselves as the figurative “road” that links “Main Street” -our investment professionals and their clients, to “Wall Street”. In other words, we strive to bring world class investments and client service to investors of all levels, and do so with a touch of southern hospitality and “down home” common sense.

Be the Hero In the Trenches of the Financial Industry.